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Personal Loan Options!

What type of loan is right for me? Let’s go over each option!

  • Cash Advance and Payday Loans

Cash Advance Loans and Payday Loans are designed for short-term use. Amounts range from $100 up to $1000. If you find yourself in need of emergency cash, this option may be for you. These loans are great when you need immediate cash. Typically the money is deposited directly to your bank account within one day or the same day. No credit check required. Borrow sensibly interest rates are high on these loans. Pay the loan back on time and you’ll get a boost to your credit score!

  • Personal Loans

There’s a wide variety of personal loans available to the consumer, many loan categories fall under “personal loans”. Each has its own set of repayment terms and usually requires no collateral, so the loan is unsecured. Can be used for short-term financial help, but doesn’t fall under the category of Cash Advance Loans or Payday Loans. You also have the option to use the money for any purpose. Money to lend and loan amount one can borrow vary per lender.  Terms vary per lender.

  • Installment Personal Loans/Unsecured

If you’re in need of a higher loan amount over $1000 or $1500 an installment loan may be the right choice!  The term “installment” is mostly associated with traditional consumer loans. These loans are considered to be safe and a good alternative to higher interest Payday Loans, Fast Cash Loans or to other forms of credit such as credit cards. Installment Loans allow access to larger loan amounts and is repaid over time with a designated number of payments. Payments can be a fixed amount and include principal and interest. Amounts to borrow can start at $1000 and as high as $35,000. Amounts to loan will vary per lender. An installment loan would fall under the category of a personal loan.